Embrace - A European study on MRI-guided brachytherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer

What is Retro-EMBRACE?

RetroEMBRACE had stopped accrual September 2012.
A number of 796 patients were collected.
Data is currently analyzed and will be published in the very recent future.


Retro-EMBRACE is a retrospective collection of data on 3D Image-guided brachytherapy (BT) in locally advanced cervical cancer from all centres in which this modality is implemented.


Eligibility criteria to enter data on patients in this database are: Diagnosis of cervical cancer and treatment with curative intend by way of IGBT (including MRI, CT, (US) or combination of these) before EMBRACE started accrual at your centre, irrespective of the follow up time.


The aim of this data collection is to gather information on the existing experience with IGBT in cervical cancer until EMBRACE data matures.

  • Each centre will have a password for data entry and will have access to its own database within the central database.
  • Each individual centre is encouraged to publish its own outcome data based on this database.
  • Combined outcome data from all participating centres will be published by the coordinating centre (Vienna).
  • Specific scientific work on a certain aspect of this patient cohort is encouraged for participating centres that show interest. Each participating centre has access to the whole database when data collection has become comprehensive. Finally this should then result in a first authorship for each centre of at least one paper. It is encouraged that topics for such scientific work are chosen by each centre within the context of the Retro-EMBRACE group.

The coordinator of the data collection, including logistics related to the database is Alina Sturdza in Vienna.


For easier communication and coordination, there will be a designated responsible person for each centre in order to facilitate the flow of information between the coordinator and the participants. These persons will form together the Retro-EMBRACE task group, a sub-group within EMBRACE.


For those centres that want to include patient data in Retro-EMBRACE please send an informal email to Alina Sturdza at alina.sturdza@akhwien.at, ideally including the name and email address of the person responsible and the estimate of the number of patients you expect to collect data on from your centre and also a time line along this might become real.




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